University of Exeter, UK | 25 Jul 2019 | 11:25 AM

Chair: Mahmood Kooria Dennis McGilvray (Boulder, Colorado): “Avoiding Islamic Inheritance: Matrilocal Marriage and Women’s Dowry Houses in Sri Lanka and South India” Aleena Sebastian (Hyderabad): “Strategies and Negotiations: Muslim Women’s Engagement with the Transformation of Matrilineal Tharavad in Malabar” Yasrul Huda (State Islamic University, Padang): “Sharīʾa engagements of the matrilineal society of Minangkabau, Indonesia” Signe Arnfred (Roskilde): “Implications of Matriliny: Gender and Islam in Northern Mozambique” Daria Trentini (Drake, Des Moines): "'Majini have their own habits, but they understand each other very well': Islam and matriliny encounters in spirit possession in Nampula city (northern Mozambique)"

Address : Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter

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