Key Concerns and Areas

Key Concerns 
1. Understanding Islamic formulations of “the Indian Ocean Muslims” the way they understood through contestations and conciliations. 

2. Designing a theoretical framework to study their Islamic praxis with proper due for the matriarchal Muslims. 

3. Creating a database of source materials pertaining the matriarchal Islam. 

4. Publishing research results addressing both specialists and the public through books, documentaries, articles/chapters, and commentaries. 

5. Convening international conferences and workshops on the themes such as premodern female voices for matriarchal Sharia, matriarchal Sharia vs. patriarchal fiqh in the realm of maqāṣid al-Sharia. 

Key Areas 
1. Cultural expressions of matriarchal Islam

2. Maritime connections of the matriarchal communities

3. Sharia: customs and theories

4. Inheritance laws and property regimes

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