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Yasrul Huda

Yasrul Huda is a senior lecturer at the Sharia Faculty and the Postgraduate Faculty of the State Islamic University (UIN) Imam Bonjol Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. . He obtained his PhD degree at Leiden University in 2013 with a dissertation entitled Contesting Sharīʿa: State Law, Decentralization and Minangkabau Custom. His academic interests are the dynamic relations between Sharia, state law, and customary law in Indonesia. He has participated in a number of academic events held in Indonesia and abroad. His latest article is entitled, “Shariah engagement with the Martilineal Society in Minangkabau, Indonesia”, presented at the Exeter University, UK in September 2018. Currently, he is writing a book on Indonesian Islam and matrilineal customary law.